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Advocacy Resources

Advocacy is how we can actively change the world of homelessness, to make a better life and greater hope fore those who see so little hope. Advocacy includes:
  • Writing letters to your local newspaper advocating housing for low-income people in your community.
  • Visiting your Congress representatives to express your concerns. Take friends -- many friends!
  • Learning about upcoming legislation on homelessness (and other justice issues) by using Congress' own search tool. (Click here and enter "homelessness" in the search field)
  • Letting local officials know they should support agencies helping the homeless
  • Educating yourself on advocacy using guides like the ones found here.


From Homelessness to Hope 

Developed in response to an Overture initiated by the Presbyterian Network to End Homelessness and submitted by the Presbytery of New York City, This report reaffirms the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s historical witness that universal access to safe,decent, accessible, affordable, and permanent housing is a measure and a sign of the coming Reign of God. Approved by the 2008 General Assembly, the report urges Presbyterians to work in partnership with governmental and private sectors to change or reform housing practices that contribute to persons being homeless or at risk. Click here to download.

Toolkit for Homelessness Advocacy 

A toolkit to assist state and local organizations and concerned individuals in securing “Five Fundamentals” pledges from candidates for public offices. Click here to learn more.

Holy Discontentment: Lifting Your Voice for Effective Advocacy 

Holy Discontentment: Lifting Your Voice for Effective Advocacy outlines the tools in the advocate’s toolbox, discusses their effectiveness, and gives suggestions on truly effective advocacy strategies.  Now, with a newly updated section on using social media as an advocacy tool! Click here to download.

PNTEH Handbook for Pastors and Congregations (2007) 

This handbook contains theological and practical information you may find useful in responding to those who come to your church seeking assistance. You may also find key theological information to help in sermon writing and teaching. PLEASE NOTE:  This resource will be revised and contains outdated information. Click here to download.

Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday 

This resource exists to assist congregations in observing Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday and to stimulate ideas leading to action to aid the homeless and encourage communities to create more housing. As of December 2015, this resource is under revision. Click here to download.

Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday Bulletin Insert 

Spurred by the Biblical call to shelter the homeless and feed those who are hungry, many Presbyterian congregations are making a difference in the lives of those with no place to call home. This bulletin insert answers how congregations can help end homelessness in their communities. Click here to download.

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